Energetic Sweep


Help clear unhealthy energy from your body and mind

Energetic Sweep is a ritual massage that helps you clear bad energy that may be lingering in your body and aura, feeding from negative emotions and thoughts and causing physical manifestations such as exhaustion, tension, headaches, and feelings of heaviness, blockage, and inability to move forward in life.

We begin our ritual by smudging and clearing energy with white sage followed by a vigorous massage and a combination of traditional patchouli, incense, and palo santo to sweep away bad energy, assisted by a transmuting energy tool like fire from a white candle, and specific reiki symbols. 

Following an Energetic Sweep, it is strongly advised that you cleanse your house and workspace, where stagnant energy can also be found.

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Promote Positive Energy

For generations, smudging has been utilized as an energy cleansing method, and candles have long been connected with both healing and spirituality. Energetic Sweep combines these energy tools with massage.

Negative energies can feed on stress, jealousy, and fear, causing energy blockages. An Energetic Sweep is a technique for promoting positive energy by removing energy barriers in your body.

After your session continue promoting positive energy and take a moment to cleanse places with a sage bundle where you spend most of your time, such as your office and home.

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