Reiki Therapy

Reiki treats the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual part of a person, helping to heal the root cause of the disease, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, as well as helps the patient to let go of limiting thoughts conscious and subconscious that can block progress in life. During a Reiki treatment, the receiver will lie comfortably, while the giver will be an instrument of Reiki energy which will be used to remove energy blockages and balance the patients Ki (life force).

Reiki treatments have a significant and positive effect on the mind, body and emotions of the patient. Reiki energy moves through the receiver balancing their chakrasand raising their vibrational frequencyReiki energy has its own intelligence and travels to the places where the patient‘s needs healing.

Most people experience a deep relaxation while they receive Reiki therapy. Some people even see colors or feel the energy moving through their body. Once the session is finished they often feel calm, refreshed, energized and grounded.

What to expect during and after one of our sessions

Our Reiki session is designed to first tag any physical stress with a gentle massage, back, shoulders and neck which compliments the Reiki therapy, to feel more at ease and open receiving healing energy . We continue by channeling Reiki energy for the person and helping them if any strong emotion arises, giving them the trust and confidence to let go. Also if in any case visions or messages that come to them during the session that might cause any confusion, we helped by addressing any doubt. Reiki sessions are very special and profound, even do they have become very popular, we take our jobs very seriously, we know that in many cases people are impressed by the energy and what can do for them.

When you arrive for your session, you will be asked to lie down on a massage table. remove clothes, your shoes and any jewelry you may be wearing. We recommend that you dress comfortable, very few jewelry or makeup, drink plenty of water and have a light meal before your session.

During a Reiki session, your therapist will gently place her hands on or just above your body, channeling Reiki energy into your main chakras. Each person’s experience is unique, however most commonly, you will feel your body relax and you may feel warmth coming from the therapist hands. You may even fall asleep during the session. As the energy moves through your body, you may feel different physical sensations arise, or you may feel emotions stirring. This is all very normal and a natural part of the healing process. If you feel discomfort or if the emotions are to strong, you can speak to the therapist, and she will assist you, guiding  you trough your process in order to heal with Reiki. Once your session is finish, you will be giving a time to recover with a warm tea to continue assisting on your recovery.

Tips for self care after your treatment

  • Be gentle with yourself! Your body is working hard healing itself
  • Drink plenty of water for the next 48 hours (at least 64 oz per day)
  • Your body will be detoxing, so you may notice symptoms arise
  • You may feel tired, so allow time to rest
  • Practice good general self-care
  • You can get in touch with us, for any questions or doubts.